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    3 Indoor Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained

    Every parent or caregiver knows the difficulty of navigating stir crazy children when the weather prohibits a fun day outside.These activities can keep kids occupied while engaging their creativity or encouraging them to get moving in an indoor-appropriate manner.

    Childrens Yoga Videos
    If you are looking for an easy way to keep the children in your household active when outdoor play isnt possible, yoga may be the answer. Yoga is on the top of many adults lists for in-home workouts because it requires minimal space, little to no equipment and calms the mind while engaging the body. Children can experience the same benefits. Kids yoga often tells a story and allows the children to follow along with a few simple exercises as the plot progresses. Find an age-appropriate yoga book or a video on YouTube the next time your kids are stuck inside.

    STEAM Crate
    Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (also known as STEAM) can come to life in the form of a subscription box that your kids will adore. From simple machines to new works of art, your child will have a blast while learning some hands-on skills. While there are many options on the market today, your pick will likely require an adult to assist younger children during the creation process, but having a boredom-busting craft without parent prep, is priceless.

    Living Room Picnic or Camp Out
    Theres nothing like the joy of a picnic lunch in the spring, but if you want to add a little fun to your afternoon on a rainy day, try a living room picnic or camp out. Grab your standard summer picnic faire, spread out a blanket to protect your carpet and enjoy some family time in the comfort of your own home. Kids will love the opportunity to eat all together and in the living area. Make it even more fun by creating crafts to decorate like the great outdoors. Consider setting up a tent to make it a camping event.

    If you live in a less-than-temperate climate, having strategies and activities in your back pocket for a (litteral) rainy day can be a lifesaver. These ideas can help you fight the rainy-day doldrums.

    Published with permission from RISMedia.

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