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3 Ways to Eco-Clean Your Fridge

Suffice it to say that no kitchen appliance gets more traffic than the refrigerator, and all that use means its prone to mess. The next time your fridge is due for a cleaning, consider using eco-friendly agents that are just as effective as some of the harsher products youll find at the store. The best part? Theyll save you some serious green!

Oust Odors
With varied foods stored inside refrigerators, its no wonder the appliances are susceptible to odor. To eliminate unpleasant smells, remove the offending item and place an open box of baking soda in the back of your fridge. Baking soda has absorption properties that neutralize odor to help keep your fridge smelling fresh, no matter its contents.

Banish Chemicals
To clean the inside of your fridge (and other areas of your home), mix up a large batch of non-toxic cleaner made of equal parts tap water and distilled white vinegar. Heat up the solution in a microwave-safe container to zap any bacteria and wipe down all shelves and drawers inside your fridge. Also, make sure you dont forget to clean the sides.

Go Natural
Rather than using a commercial refrigerator cleaner, such as stainless steel sprays, combine warm water with a drop or two of natural dish soap. Store-bought cleaners often release chemicals that cause indoor air pollution, and natural soap wont irritate sensitive skin. To remove fingerprints or smudges on your fridge, wet a soft cloth with the solution and wipe down the doors and handles.

These are just three eco-friendly ways to clean your homes kitchen refrigerator. Check online for some more green cleaning tips that you can try for the whole household.

Published with permission from RISMedia.

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