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5 Mistakes to Avoid at Your Local Farmers Market

Your local farmers market can be a great place to visit for fresh veggies, a sense of community and even some handcrafted finds. You wont regret making a farmers market visit part of your weekly routine as long as you avoid these mistakes.

Haggling Prices
Local farmers and artisans work hard to bring you the"literal"fruits of their labor. While you can sometimes score a deal if youre buying in bulk or you are a returning customer, avoid trying to haggle. Support your local economy and pay the asking price as you would at a grocery store.

Going Too Late
If you arrive late to your local market, you may find that your favorite fresh finds have already been picked through. Get there within the first few hours to ensure that you dont miss out on your favorite rosemary baguette.

Sampling Too Much
If samples are available at your Farmers Market, its tempting to indulge, but oversampling is discouraged. Artisanal treats and foods take extra time and funds to prepare, plus most vendors have to cart out their own trash. Dont be afraid to sample, but dont plan to snack your way to a free meal. Only sample if you would truly consider buying today or in the near future.

Forgetting Cash or Bags
While some vendors will accept debit or credit cards, it costs them additional overhead to process the transaction. This means that your local farmer will make more profit if you pay with cash, and keep in mind, some wont accept cards. Bring cash and your own bags to ensure you can buy what you need and carry it out easily.

Published with permission from RISMedia.

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