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    5 Quick Declutter Questions You Need to Ask

    Weve all felt that urge to panic when we feel overwhelmed by clutter in the house. It can sneak up at any time of year, but especially after a holiday or birthday that results in more stuff in the home. Whatever the reason for your panic, there is a simple way to quickly declutter by asking yourself these 5 questions.

    Have I Used This in the Last Year?
    Remove items you havent used in the last year. If you didnt use it last year, you are unlikely to use it this year. Ditch the aspirational hobby items and leave more breathing space to use the items you really love.

    Does This Item Have a Home?
    The mantra a place for everything and everything in its place only works if you have room for all the items you have. But if your item doesnt truly have a spot, there is a chance you dont value it enough to keep it. Donate it and borrow one from a friend or library next time you are in need.

    Would I Re-Buy This Now?
    Ask yourself if you would buy the item in question in the store now. Be honest about your current living space, tastes and priorities. If you answered no, it may be time to pass it along to someone who would.

    Can I Replace This Easily?
    If there is an item for which you are on the fence, ask yourself if its easy to replace. Inexpensive tools or kitchen items can be donated if theyre not being used but can be easily replaced in the event you change your mind.

    Would I Bring This in a Move?
    When the chore of packing outweighs the pull of nostalgia, we become more ruthless when culling items. If you wouldnt take the time to pack this item during a move, dont bother keeping it now.

    Sometimes a quick declutter is all we need to get our homes back on-track. These questions can help you vet through your belongings to quickly restore peace to your home.

    Published with permission from RISMedia.

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