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How to Protect Your Pet From Common Dangers in Your Home

Like most pet owners, you probably think of your furry friend as a member of the family. You most likely know that animals are curious and can get into all sorts of things they shouldnt. Here are some ways to keep your pet safe.

Dont Let Your Pet Eat or Chew on Things It Shouldnt
Your trash cans may contain pieces of food, packaging, chemicals, and other objects that can be poisonous to pets or can cause choking or digestive problems. To protect your pet from any potential danger, keep trash cans covered or, better yet, store them inside cabinets, behind childproof locks.

Many common foods and plants that are harmless to humans can make pets sick. In some cases, they can even cause death. Conduct some research to find out which foods are hazardous to your type of animal and store them out of reach. Before you bring any plants into your home, make sure theyre safe for your pet.

Store clothes, shoes, knickknacks, and other objects that your pet might enjoy chewing on out of reach. That can keep your pet from damaging your belongings, injuring one or more teeth, choking, or getting an object lodged in its digestive tract.

Block Off Unsafe Areas and Objects
Look through your house and identify any areas where a pet could get stuck or injured. For example, tight spaces behind appliances can be dangerous if a curious pet gets in but cant get out. Holiday decorations can also be hazardous. Use child gates to keep your pet out or close the door to the room if your pet could jump over a gate.

Laundry detergent, cleaning products, medication, and other chemicals can be hazardous, and even fatal, to pets. Keep them locked up so your dog or cat cant get to them. Store potentially dangerous chemicals in cabinets and use childproof locks to keep a curious pet out of harms way.

An animal that drinks out of the toilet can get sick. In addition, there is a danger of drowning, especially for a young or small pet. Put the lid down after using the toilet or close the bathroom door.

Keep Your Pet Away From Wires and Strings
Animals love to play with dangling wires and strings. A pet can be hurt if it gets tangled up or pulls a lamp or appliance off a table or counter. In addition, an animal may chew on an electrical cord and create a fire hazard. Secure wires, cords, and strings on window blinds so your pet doesnt get itself into trouble.

Give Your Pet Safe and Healthy Ways to Stay Entertained
Animals are naturally curious. If you dont provide things to keep your pet engaged and stimulated, it will go exploring. Make sure your pet has toys that it finds interesting and enjoys playing with. Switch the toys every so often so your pet doesnt get bored.

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