Why You Might Like to Hang Your License with BHHS Chaplin Williams Realty and Work with the Top Real Estate Company on Amelia Island

    Thanks for taking the time to investigate…glad you are here! We are actively growing our company – the reason: We have more business than we are able to handle!

    In the past, we have wondered why some agents have chosen not to interview with us – and we have learned that the overwhelming reason is because they are simply intimidated by our success.

    This is certainly understandable, as we do have the top producers and top teams working with us…..but if they had just given us the chance to explain our “Mentoring Program” to them, we feel certain they would have chosen to work with us.

    If you are new to the business, you owe it to yourself to learn about our program. If you are a seasoned agent, we know you would be interested in our high commission splits, our zero desk fee policy, our company culture and possibly most important: OUR INCREDIBLE, STATE OF THE ART CRM/LEAD DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM and LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM.

    We know how difficult (and expensive) lead generation is and without leads, you are dead in the water! We’ve got ’em! We need help! Please call me (Hugh Williams) at 904-753-1415 or drop me an email at hugh.williams@chaplinwilliams.com. I would love to hear from you and again, thank you for taking the time to learn more!! Hugh

    P.S. Please take q look at our AINCAR stats. Our goal is to attain 15% market share – we are close….but we need your help!!!

    AINCAR Stats 2016

    AINCAR Stats 2017